SD Secret has made a big difference for me... I have lost over 30 lbs and I haven’t been this thin for over 20 years. My favorite part is the targeted weight loss. Weight loss is so much more than just losing pounds, it re-energizes every area of your life. YEA!!!! Belita D
Over the last couple years I had gained about 15lbs. I had tried many different diets in an attempt to get it off with nothing but frustration and no results. With SD Secret, I lost the 15lbs, dropped a total of 22 inches and reduced my body fat by almost 4% all in about 2 1/2 months. It was super easy and you see the results quickly. SD Secret was very encouraging and supportive. If you are frustrated with not being able to lose weight give this program a try!
Janet K
I am thrilled with the results! When I started the program I weighted a hefty 174 lbs for my 5’ 1” frame. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels were high and my BMI morbidly obese. In addition, my self-image and confidence were low and I was incredibly frustrated with other diet plans I’ve tried in the past.
I have dropped 3” in my chest, 4” from my waist, 4” from my hips and 1.5” from each thigh. My blood pressure and cholesterol are in the normal ranges and BMI is down to overweight. So exciting - and incredibly empowering. My motivation and self-image have soared and I’m very grateful for SD Secret helping change my life forever! Monica S
The program is working for me with minimal effort. It’s easy and effortless. I know I will be able to lose even more weight as the weeks go by. Thank for the help. Janet R
I’ve been on this program for two weeks and already I’ve lost 10.5 inches and reduced my BMI by over 1 point. I feel great and I’m not hungry, the pounds are slipping away. Best weight loss program I’ve ever been on... and believe me I’ve tried them all. Jennifer G.
I lost 16 pounds quickly and only have 10 to go... The plan is simple and I would recommend this over any other weight loss program out there. Real Food, minimal tracking, no points! I didn’t exercise the first 3 weeks and still lost 12 pounds. I’ve recommended to many of my friends! K.S.